Dive Gears Surface Marker Buoy

Surface marker buoy (SMB) set complete with reel and snap bolt

Material: Nylon, TPU
- Length: Approx. 120 cm/4 ft
- Width: Approx. 17.8 cm/7 inch
- Dive Reel
- Material: Aluminum alloy + 316 stainless steel
- Reel Diameter: Approx. 5.5 cm/2.2 inch
- Reel Thickness: Approx. 3.5 cm/1.4 inch
- Center Hole Diameter: Approx. 2.5 cm/1 inch
- Line Length: Approx. 15 m/49 ft
- Line Thickness: Approx. 2 mm/0.08 inch
- Bolt Snap Length: Approx. 9 cm/3.54 inch

Package Includes:

1 Piece Scuba Diving Surface Marker Buoy
1 Piece Dive Reel
1 Piece Snap Bolt

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RM 159.00

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Specifications for Dive Gears Surface Marker Buoy

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